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GHP Good Hygiene Practice

Good Hygiene Practices (GHP), also known as Prerequisite Programs (PRPs), are crucial in the food industry for ensuring food safety and quality. These practices create a hygienic environment for safe food production, processing, and handling. By implementing these practices, businesses can minimize foodborne illnesses and ensure food safety for consumers. GHP is not a service but a set of procedures implemented internally to ensure food safety and hygiene throughout operations. It serves as the foundation for a safe and secure structure, providing general hygiene practices and operational conditions that apply throughout a food business.

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of facilities, equipment, and infrastructure is crucial for preventing contamination and promoting food safety, ensuring proper ventilation, waste disposal systems, and appropriate flooring.
  • Implementing a comprehensive program to prevent, monitor, and control pests like insects, rodents, and birds is essential.
  • Effective waste management, protective clothing, regular cleaning and sanitizing, and routine equipment maintenance are crucial for food safety, ensuring proper segregation, storage, disposal, and proper functioning of food contact areas.
  • Regularly reviewing and updating GHP programs, utilizing food safety expertise, and purchasing hygiene supplies and equipment are crucial for maintaining good hygiene practices in the food industry.

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Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) are crucial for food safety, involving personnel hygiene, cleanliness, and proper handling. Implementing programs like agricultural and manufacturing practices, training, and combining GHP with HACCP enhances safety. Continuous evaluation and improvement are essential for safe food production.

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